Abstracts & Papers in Stream 2

KIM, Sung-won, Assistant Professor (Tokyo Keizai UEast Asian Data Project (EADP) is a project for creating database for comparative East Asian Social Policy Studies, which was established in October 2007 in order to exchange data, knowledge and other resources for comparative studies.

EADP will present the result from this year's project on 1) 'A Comparative Study of Care Regime in East Asia' and 2) a mid-term report on building dataset for a comparative analysis on social expenditure.

Part I
Facing dramatic changes in family structures and behaviours, each society (China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan) has been faced with challenges to reform 'family-centred welfare regime'. This panel discussion will 1) briefly map common/different characteristics of family changes in each society; 2) introduce our conceptual framework to analyse social care (both child care and elderly care) and 3)offer empirical analysis and account of the changing trends in social care regime in East Asia.

Part 2
EASP social expenditure team will present the updated discussion on building the dataset on social expenditure in East Asia

EADP team
Raymond K H CHAN (City University of Hong Kong)
Yeong-Tsyr Wang(National Taiwan Normal University)
Yuegen Xiong(Peking University)
Baek Sun-Hee (Seoul Theological University)
Lee Sung-Hee (Chung-Ang University)
Sung Eun-soo (University of Tokyo)
Chan-ung Park (Yonsei University)
Dongchul Jung(Yonsei University)
Naoko Soma (Yokohama National University)
Junko Yamashita (University of Bristol)

Corresponding email address
Naoko Soma (Yokohama National University) nsoma@nifty.com
Junko Yamashita (University of Bristol) J.Yamashita@bristol.ac.uk
niversity, Department of Economics)