Comparative study of the distribution standard of basic income institutional and Silhak(scholars of last Choson)

Modern age is under capitalism and market economy, it focus contribution on distribution of wealth. It is distributed for need preferentially by social welfare but deficient. The gulf between rich and poor is getting worse, and the lower class and the labor lower class are getting increase. To solve like this problems it suggested to the nation that give basic income to all social member or all family. The thing is the national basic needs should supplied by the nation and give income to citizen to have a balanced distribution income. This distribution system ideology is similar which idea proposed by scholars of Silhak. The conception of Silhak was a trend of idea of social reform, it proposed modernistic course and politics. The idea of Silhak was emphasize the need by give all people some land equally for equitable income, by government-owned principles of the land, by upper-lower limit system of land-owning to narrow the gap between the wealthy and the poor.
 Comparison between basic income institutional and Silhak of Choson will be propose realistic possibility and deduction of progress of basic income institutional. So this study is compare contribution with need in distribution of wealth standard by two idea's social and economic situation. According to this study, the purpose is to prepare for historical and philosophical base in introduce basic income. 
As a result, Basic income and idea of Silhak is similar because distribution of wealth is not functioning at that time. These society and economic situation that need, contribution, ability or effort were not concern in distribution of wealth and the need were not satisfy national desire. For this reason to solve the imbalance situation, we need political discuss like introduce basic income.