New Policy Paradigms in East Asia

A range of challenges posed through globalisation and social changes have imposed fundamental questions on policy makers and academics that have been under pressure to reconsider conventional approaches in social policy. In addition, the recent global economic seems to reframe existing notions and debates even aroused since the 1980s and 90s. As a result, we can find a range of discussions already searching for new policy paradigms across the world. In many countries, there have been various attempts to reorganise their policies and to innovate them. Some ideas and programmes may have been developed for a long period such as policy measures to encourage social enterprise and localised (or social) economy while others are just reinvigorated from longstanding arguments attracting revived attention, for instance, basic income ...more

Conference pictures

There are some pictures taken at the conference, which may remind of your memories in Seoul last summer. You can download all eighty four pictures selected from the hundreds but please be aware this is a big file (210MB) so broadband connection would be required >>see the pictures

Thank you all

The 7th East Asian Social Policy research network (EASP) international conference was held at Sogang University, Seoul, Korea from 20-21 Aug. 2010. Due to your warm attention and active participation, the conference was appraised as a great success. There were more than 100 presentations and more than 150 delegates. And the quality of papers has been improved year by year since the Bath conference. It is in this regard that we are fully confident that EASP has developed to be the centre of the development of East Asian social policy research. ...more